Hitting Drills

#1 Small Balls
Equipment Needed: a partner, old broom handle(about the length of a bat)or a swing stick, mini wiffle balls or ping pong balls, a helmet, and a temorary home plate

One person will underhand toss the whiffle balls one at a time at the hitter who will then hit them with the makeshift bat. This is a great drill as it helps with hand eye coordination and keeping your eye on the ball.

#2 Bounce Drill(usually done indoors)
Equipment Needed: a partner, a bag of tennis balls, and a bat.

One person will bounce a tennis ball in front of the hitter. After it bounce the batter can hit it. This drill improves patience at the plate.

#3 Big Balls
Equipment Needed: a partner, half deflated basketballs and soccer balls, a bat, a helmet, and a net or backstop(optional)

One person will toss a ball at the batter who will then powerthrough her swing. This drill really works on swinging through the ball and a powerful swing.

#4 Knob to the Ball
Equipment Needed: a tee, softball, and bat

After placing the ball on the tee, while on their knees, the batter will take the knob of the bat straight to the ball. This bat reinforces the common idea of taking the knob to the ball before the barrel comes around.

#5 One Arm Swing
Equipment Needed: a tee, bat, helmet, and softball

After placing the ball on the tee the batter gets down on their knee. Starting with their back hand they put one hand on the bat(they can choke up) they swing the bat hitting the ball. You can alternate between arms. This drill improves strength in the arms and isolates the upper body.

Throwing Drills 

#1 Glove Flips
They are ideal for quickly getting a ball to a nearby base. You will stand with your glove arm facing your partner. You squeeze the ball in your glove and release the ball as you swing your glove towards your partner.

#2 Shuffle Pass
Like #1 this  is a great technique to use if you are really close to the base. You stand with your throwing shoulder facing your partner.You should be holding the ball in front of your stomach with your palm facing your stomach. From there simply push your hand towards your partner and release.

#3 Darts
When running a runner back during a pickle it is important to throw the ball over the runner's head. Grasping the ball in your throwing hand bring your elbow up to your ear. Without moving your whole arm flip it up and out at the same time. If done properly it shouldmke it to your partner with some juice left in your throw.

#4 Wrist and Elbow Flips
Great for strengthening your arm my team always loved this drill. Elbow to your ear you start by doing a couple where all you do is flip the ball to your partner with your wrist. Then you should do a few where you incorporate your elbow into the motion as well.

#5 Stuck in the Mud
You may know this drill by some of its more common names. The person catching the ball is allowed to move, however, the person throwing must stand with legs shoulder width apart and throw the ball, emphasizing the follow through. The part of their body that cannot move is from the waist down.

#6 The T Drill
In this drill you point your glove at your partner and your throwing arm goes straight back creating the "T". From there throw the ball normally.

#7 The Star Drill
This is a great throwing drill for a team or group of girls. You have one player at home plate, first base, second basemen's position, shortstop, and third base. If you have more than five girls you have the girls rotate in and out of positions. The girl at home throws to second, who throws to third, who throws to first. First throws to short and short throws home. This rotation continues for as long as you want. If you are feeling lucky try using two balls.

Fielding Drills

#1 Lines
My coach uses this drill as a warmup before games. You get your group of girls in line at the position of your choice. Have someone to hit the balls at them and someone to catch the balls they field. Each girl has to field two balls cleanly before going to the end of the line.This drill can be repeated until you are satisfied.

#2 Rebound
This is better played inside. you throw a semi bouncy ball such as a tennis ball or stress ball at the wall or floor and try to catch it. The harder you throw tje ball tje more challenging it is.This drill improves reaction time. 

Catching Drills

#1 Balls to the Face
This is an easy to set up drill but not an easy skill to master. After putting on your gear have someone throw balls at your helmet, above your head, and at your chest protector.  Try not to blink or close your eyes.

#2 Blocking
In full gear have someone roll or throw low ground balls at you. Block everyone in quick succession anx with proper technique.

 Another site that I have found helpful is http://softball-spot.com